Estate Planning

Estate Planning

“You died yesterday and as your trusted advisor, I’m meeting with your family in five minutes.  What am I going to tell them?”

Everyone has dreams.  You may have taken those dreams a step further with goals and action plans.  You work your entire life to produce something of value.  Why turn over control of what you have created to someone who does not have you or your family’s best interests in mind?   Far too many people fall into this trap.  Lack of planning, knowledge, or living with false assumptions could leave your assets in the hands of people you no longer, (or never did) intend to have them.  Without a plan, the sometimes-lengthy probate process can take over and eat away at much of what you left for your heirs.  Perhaps there are disputes, which lead to legal challenges, and your assets get gobbled up in legal fees where the only winners are attorneys and the courts while your intended heirs are left with mere scraps of what you spent your lifetime building. Maybe you had a plan once, but things have changed.  Marriage, divorce, birth, death, changes in occupation and assets all change at surprisingly rapid rates.  Does your planning keep up?  Are you concerned about things like protection from creditors, taxation, or a beneficiary who may not be able to properly handle a windfall of assets?   Federal estate taxes have dodged a bullet in recent years and are not really a factor at the moment, but for how much longer?  Extensions to temporary relief efforts have been hard fought and nothing is permanent.  No one knows when these measures will end.  In some states, things are already changing-and not necessarily for the better.  Can your heirs afford to let planning slide leaving the door open to potentially costly changes in Estate taxes, or letting funds get into the hands of the wrong people?

We always make the interests of our clients and their families our first priority and offer a very personal and tailored approach to what can otherwise be a very intimidating and daunting task.

Nearly all of the financial products we utilize on behalf of our clients carry NO management fees.

Once we have a plan in motion, we recommend an annual review, which usually takes less time to complete than it does to plan and prepare a good meal, and it puts YOU in the know and in control of your Estate.

We are not lawyers and therefore do not provide legal documents, (wills, trusts, corporations, etc.) or specific legal advice.  However, we do have contacts and access to some of the best estate planning attorneys available, and the time our clients spend in counsel with these specialized attorneys is often offered at no or little cost.  Rarely does the cost of the entire estate planning process exceed the actual cost of the estate documents required in a specific situation, (i.e. a will or trust and the related documents).

Call us for a no-cost, no-obligation beneficiary review and financial checkup.



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