Life Insurance

A very wise man once said, “Learn from the mistakes of others, you won’t live long enough to make them all yourself.”

We all want to live long enough to see our dreams and all the things we worked so hard for become reality.

If, for some reason, that doesn’t happen, what becomes of your Loved ones you leave behind?

#1 Struggle, (possibly for generations) going without the things you wanted for them.  Or you are memorialized as a schmuck because your wife has to remarry the first meal ticket that comes along, or surviving family members will be forced to make decisions based solely on the financial situation they were left with rather than your (or their) wishes and values.

#2 Your family can beg or borrow for their needs (home, college, weddings, emergencies, etc.).

Question: If they DO borrow, who is going to loan them the money?  And if they did, your family would have to pay twice-principle and interest.

#3 Perhaps your family is wealthy and they actually do have enough cash to pay for all their needs without you, both now and into the future, despite you not being there to continue to provide for them.  However, in this world at this time, that is an increasingly rare occurrence.

#4 Literally pennies on the dollar, you can qualify for and purchase a solid life insurance plan.  For this kind of cost now, you can have the peace of mind knowing that if for any reason you are not around to see your family’s Dreams realized; it will still happen.  It is not just about the money.  It will actually have a generational impact on those you love and have worked so hard for.  You are the one who makes a difference. Your legacy is that of a hero to those you leave behind.

Perhaps it’s not death, but an injury, illness, loss of income, or some other event that changes your life in unforeseen ways.  A well designed plan gives you living benefits as well, often while still leaving a legacy intact, and it does so with guarantees and advantages not available through other investments or plans.  If you haven’t done so, ask your investment advisor if your current portfolio has anything with a guaranteed return or benefits that are protected from taxation or creditors.  Then come see us.

Life insurance is often a very misunderstood and misused tool in your financial planning arsenal. It is often postponed or prematurely cancelled. But the fact is the cost of coverage usually increases with each passing birthday, and it only takes one accident, serious illness or diagnosis, and costs could either skyrocket or render you uninsurable.  Why wait?  With so many options available, it takes someone with a keen understanding of the needs and wants of an individual client to get it right – the right amount of coverage, the right company, and the right type of plan.

We have experienced the results of a well-designed plan in the lives of real people.

We have confidence in our ability to deliver on what your family or your company deserves.



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